They returned today
Slinking in their new skins,
Dancing a mating ritual.

Confident, proud
Batting an alluring eye,
Gushing and puffing
Adventures near and far

As if tales and tokens
Could mask their uncertainty,
As if cool could hide hopes
of higher ranking

A pecking order of
Verbal highbrow banter,
Rainbowed lip gloss,
And slouched shoulders

A collection of humanity
Babes to golden agers,
Vying for prominence
Or to remain shadowed

Quick to dismiss deviation
As an unspoken definition of

The collective unique.

15 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. Beyond the above comments about the metaphor, or rather, conceit, of this poem, there are some really wonderful structural things that catch my attention. The opening and closing lines work like markers that could be a stand-alone couplet. I love that the closer draws me back to the opener! The end words are also well chosen, especially ‘proud / eye / puffing / far. The best part is that carefully selected single-word line of ‘shiny,’ which makes me ponder… Well written and I love that picture!

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