Worn leather soles grip
Balanced on a tightrope,
Like famished talons stronghold,
Between Intuition and Trust.

Visceral pangs and twinges
Echo in a canyon,
Reverberating, ignored,

Concede a hope in humanity,
Relegating trust
To the carnivorous,
Masked, charming menace.

Yet, can it be
Decried betrayal when,
Willingly one ragged foot
Assuredly steps forward,

Well beyond certainty.

15 thoughts on “Talons

  1. This poem was highly recommended to me and now I understand why. Your carefully chosen words and structure lend heavy emotion to the scenes, both explicit and implied. The bonus is your tag of Betrayal, which speaks volumes about the work itself. One foot betrays the body in much the same way our torn hearts can betray our timid selves when stepping forward in spite of the lost hope and trust in humanity.

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