Sugar Ants

Resisting the parting adieu,
My fingertips drift
Tracing the slightest impulses
Of your skin
Warm, alive, and crackling.

I breathe in your scent,
Rich, earthy, and clean
Willing it imprints to
Memory upon my DNA,
To call up again and again.

Your nearness never fails
To tenderly soothe,
Your breath ghosts my neck
Heals and arouses,
The far reaches of my soul.

You reach, brush against,
My neck squinches in,
Resists, allows, resists,
An exquisite rush like
Dancing sugar ants to a prize.

My entire being, knows,
Silently shouting,
Heart hesitating,
Its’ rhythm disturbed,
Beating half pulses,

You must swim up
From the fragrant sweetness,
Before surrendering to
The careless pre-dawn slivers
through the blinds.